EBS – Attach an Amazon EBS Volume to an Instance

You can attach EBS (Elastic Block Store) volumes to one of your instances that is in the same Availability Zone as the volume.

For attaching the EBS volume to your instance you need to first have an instance. If you have it that’s good if not then create it first by following this linkCREATING AN INSTANCE

Amazon EBS Volume

An Amazon EBS volume is block-level storage which you can attach to a single EC2 instance. This volume is used when you need frequent updates to your storage such like a database storage for applications or system drive. It acts like independent storage device from the running life of EC2 instance. You can use it as any other physical drive when you attached it to your instance.

These volumes provide you with several benefits which is not supported by instance store volumes:

  • Data Persistence
  • Data Availability
  • Data Encryption
  • Snapshots

There are various EBS volume types which differ in their performance and prices so that you can use them according to your need and your application’s need. I will be covering those volume types in the further post. Now, follow the steps to attach your volume to your EC2 instance.

To attach an EBS volume to an instance using the console

  • Open the Amazon EC2 console.
  • Click Volumes in the right navigation pane.


  • Select a volume if you have a volume detached and then click Attach Volume.
  • In the Attach Volume dialog box, type the name or ID of the instance to attach the volume to in the Instance box (only instances that are in the same Availability Zone as the volume are displayed).
  • If you don’t have any volume the click Create Volume, choose the type of volume then size you want (upto 30 GiB is free) and same availability zone as your instance and Create  it.
  • Click Attach.
  • Connect to your instance from this link CONNECTING TO INSTANCE and make the volume available. To mount the volume to your instance follow this link MOUNTING EBS VOLUME TO THE INSTANCE


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