10 things you should know about EC2 instance

In this post, you can learn about Amazon EC2 instance that means if you are preparing for AWS certification then this information can be useful for you. These 10 things can help you know about AWS more better.

Create a bucket – Amazon S3(Simple Storage Service)

Amazon Simple Storage Service(Amazon S3) is the storage for the internet. It is used to make the web-scale operations faster, easier and scalable. It can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data from anytime and anywhere on Read More …

Zooming image Animation on ImageView

This post is about zooming the image on the ImageView, which is useful for apps using animations. This can be a good zoom animation to make an image automatically zoom-in and zoom-out without using any touch zoom or pinch zoom.

Circular ImageView in Android


A fast Circular ImageView perfect for profile images.Very often in today’s modern applications, we can see a profile picture in a circle shape. Today, we’ll create a simple example to view your image in a circular preview just by adding Read More …